Happy Halloween Trends On Twitter Despite It Only Being September 1st


It’s September 1st so you know what that means? Well, nothing much for most folks, but if you’re a spooky season lover then it means that it’s basically already Halloween. Despite the fact that we’ve still got about eight weeks to go until the big day itself, “Happy Halloween” was trending on Twitter today as people were excited to realize that All Hallow’s Eve is officially just next month.

And if you’re excited to check out this year’s Halloween-themed content, then getting hyped this early is fair enough as we’ve got some great stuff coming over the next few weeks. For one, Nia DaCosta’s Candyman reboot is already out in cinemas now. Meanwhile, James Wan’s latest directorial effort Malignant hits both the big screen and HBO Max on September 10th. Not to mention that Netflix is set to unleash The Haunting of Hill House creator Mike Flanagan’s new horror series Midnight Mass on September 24th.

So it’s time to dig out the decorations, boils, and ghouls, cos it’s Halloween… apparently.

Winifred Sanderson gets it.

It’s Halloween when we say it is.

Sounds fair.

He’s a-coming…

It’s showtime!

Of course, things are really going to kick off when October gets here and spooky season officially commences. On the TV side of things, Child’s Play fans have Syfy’s Chucky series to look forward to, as franchise creator Don Mancini is back to continue the story of Brad Dourif’s titular toyetic killer, with the eight-part first season premiering on October 12th. Three days later, on the 15th, we have the debut of the undoubted highlight of the month – Halloween Kills, the middle chapter in Blumhouse’s Michael Myers trilogy. Last but not least, Edgar Wright’s unique ghost story Last Night in Soho drops on October 29th.

Happy Halloween, folks!