Harrison Ford Takes To The Water In Indiana Jones 5 Set Photos

indiana jones
Image via Lucasfilm

It’s been a minute since we’ve seen any new set photos from Indiana Jones 5, which now has the luxury of a vastly extended post-production period after Disney and Lucasfilm pushed the final installment in the iconic adventure franchise back by almost an entire year.

James Mangold’s first stab at the property hasn’t been without its fair share of setbacks, first with the pandemic delaying the start of shooting significantly, before a shoulder injury suffered by leading man Harrison Ford turned out to be more significant than expected.

That being said, the screen legend has been back working at full tilt for quite some time now, and the latest batch of set photos via The Daily Mail shows the veteran star taking to the water. There’s not much of excitement to note unless you’re a huge proponent of seeing Ford on a boat, but it does let us know that the cast and crew are still based in Sicily, where they’ve been for almost a month.

Indiana Jones 5 doesn’t have a subtitle as yet, but we might not be finding out what it is for a while now that we won’t be seeing the return of the rugged archeologist until June 30, 2022.