Harrison Ford Touches Down In The UK To Film Indiana Jones 5

indiana jones

When Indiana Jones 5 hits cinemas next year, we expect many jokes about Harrison Ford now belonging in a museum. But the iconic action star still apparently has a whole bunch of juice in the tank, as we have confirmation that Ford has landed in the United Kingdom to shoot his final adventure as Dr. Henry Walton “Indiana” Jones Jr.

When the actor will arrive on set remains a mystery, but the official Instagram account for Bremont Watches today posted a picture of Ford enjoying himself at their headquarters in Henley-on-Thames. This is just 40 minutes from Pinewood Studios, where filming is expected to begin imminently and while it’s difficult to tell a huge amount from a single photo, the Hollywood legend has certainly got the Indy look and appears to be in great shape, as you can see below.

Not much is known about the upcoming movie, though there’s been talk that it’s set during the 1960s space race and will feature a Nazi scientist working for NASA. However, we also have evidence that at least some of the story will take place around a ruined castle, with props indicating a Celtic vibe. Whether these two plots could dovetail is unknown, but after The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, I just hope they don’t feature aliens.

Fan theories have already begun figuring out what the set photos might mean, with frontrunners being that it may be a loose version of a discarded Last Crusade script about the Fountain of Life (and it’d certainly be interesting to see an aged Indy deal with that) or potentially a hunt for the mythical sword Excalibur.

In any case, Indiana Jones 5 is scheduled for release in July 2022 and now that Ford is ready to film, it can’t be too long before we get to see him back in that trademark fedora with a bullwhip in hand. Personally, I can’t wait.