Haunting Of Hill House Creator Highly Recommends New Horror Movie

Saint Maud

Mike Flanagan knows a thing or two about horror, having become one of the genre’s most recognizable and acclaimed talents since breaking out with second feature Oculus almost a decade ago, before cementing himself at the forefront of Netflix’s increased desire to create more scary content than ever.

When the 42 year-old gives a recommendation, then, fans of horror should definitely listen given his phenomenal track record so far. It’s a medium that constantly fights a battle between critical acclaim and commercial success, with terrible movies more than capable of pulling in big numbers at the box office, but Flanagan is one of those rare directors to dabble extensively in the genre that’s been met with nothing but praise.

All seven of his films have landed Fresh ratings on Rotten Tomatoes, while his Netflix anthologies The Haunting of Hill House and sequel series Bly Manor both drew widespread acclaim, and he’s got two more episodic projects on the way with Midnight Mass arriving later this year and The Midnight Club currently shooting. In between all that, though, Flanagan recently took to social media to lavish praise on Saint Maud, as you can see below.


Written and directed by Rose Glass, the 31 year-old’s debut behind the camera initially premiered in September 2019 and was released in the United Kingdom last October, but only recently arrived Stateside as a rental or purchase on Epix this February. The story follows a reclusive nurse who walks a devoutly religious path after suffering a personal tragedy, before she develops an obsession over a retired dancer, with Saint Maud described as a hugely effective and unsettling blend of body horror and psychological thriller. It’s a hidden gem for fans to check out, and maybe Flanagan’s endorsement will see it find a bigger audience.