HBO Max Reportedly Wants Ben Affleck Back For Justice League 2 And 3


Ben Affleck is already poised to set a live-action Batman record when he suits up for a fourth time in The Flash, but if recent reports are to be believed, then Warner Bros. seem desperate to have him stick around as the DCEU’s grizzled Dark Knight for a whole lot longer.

It was surprising enough that the actor agreed to return to the role having initially retired the cape and cowl, but now that he’s back and the multiverse is soon to be in play, we could be seeing a lot more of the 48 year-old’s Caped Crusader. As well as the upcoming Snyder Cut of Justice League and The Flash, Warner Bros.’ parent company AT&T have leaned heavily into the speculation that they want Affleck to finally get around to making his version of The Batman, while talk of an HBO Max limited series that could also feature Jared Leto’s Joker has been doing the rounds, too.

Not only that, but tipster Mikey Sutton is claiming that the studio are so confident that the all-new version of Justice League will be a success that they’re actively pursuing the idea of a further two sequels. Obviously, Batman is a key member of the team and it’s said that “HBO Max would like Affleck to remain [on board] for the whole trilogy,” with the next two outings following the precedent set by the Snyder Cut and adopting an episodic format instead of being feature films.

The news that Wonder Woman 1984 will be debuting on the streaming service the same day it hits theaters only reinforces the notion that the platform will soon be established as the home of exclusive and high-profile DCEU content, and with a slew of TV shows set in the shared universe already in the works, if the Snyder Cut does the numbers that the execs are expecting, then further adventures for the Justice League can’t be ruled out.