Henry Cavill Admits That Justice League Just Didn’t Work

Superman-is-Flat-Out-Angry-in-Man-Of-Steel (1)

Hey, anybody here a fan of truth? How about justice? What about leagues? What if I told you I could combine all three, so that we finally get some truth about Justice League, the biggest cinematic superhero misfire since, well, Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice?

Finally, Superman himself, Henry Cavill, has come out as a sane man who agrees with reality in thinking Justice League was bad. As Cavill sat down recently with Men’s Health magazine, the actor talked of his origins as a chubby kid, his current status as a nomad, and he gave opinions of his three turns as Supes.

While he admitted to loving Man of Steel and thinking that Batman V Superman was a dark, brooding film befitting of the Dark Knight’s aesthetics, he kept his opinion of Justice League short, sweet, and to the point. “It didn’t work,” said Cavill.

Woo! Finally! Look, I get why Ben Affleck and Gal Gadot would come out in support of the fake, non-existent Synder Cut (hey, nerds, you can’t release an unfinished movie). Ben needs the extra dough to remove his back tattoos and Gadot desperately wants to be Wonder Woman for as long as possible since she can’t act otherwise. Cavill’s out, though, and he’s got many prospects on the table. I’m glad he felt safe enough to give a true, non-bootlicking opinion on the subject.

Sometimes a movie is just bad, alright? And no amount of tinkering or editing can fix it. For example, I highly doubt that Josh Trank’s cut of Fantastic Four would have been good. It may have been better, but a good movie? No. My kinda-sorta-not-really Twitter pal Miles Klee wrote a great piece about this particular subject, which you should check out.

People just have to accept that Justice League was a rushed, fractured picture that really should have been shelved when Synder left the project. I won’t attack the man, no. He does not deserve scorn. The film, though? Yeah. It sucked out loud. A friend of mine literally walked out of the theater when she saw it. It just didn’t work.