Henry Cavill’s Reportedly Signed A 3-Movie Deal To Return As Superman


Henry Cavill may have signed a new deal with Warner Bros. to return as Superman for multiple new movies.

Ever since Justice League tanked in 2017, the future of the Man of Steel in the DCEU has been called into question, with it looking increasingly likely that Cavill was done. But then, in more recent times, especially following the announcement of the JL Snyder Cut, speculation had started up again that maybe he hadn’t donned the cape for the last time, after all.

The Cultured Nerd is now reporting that Cavill has signed up with the studio for three more movies and a few additional cameos, making for a total of 5-6 future films. The reason for the change of mind is actually the actor himself, who’s said to have successfully helped pitch a new arc for the Last Son of Krypton to WB, which was allegedly “widely praised” and resulted in his rehiring. This information has been corroborated by both DCU News and LightCast Podcast, too.

TCN is unable to say at this stage what exactly these new movies are or what form they’ll take. The outlet suggests, though, that they could consist of at least one new solo outing for the Man of Tomorrow and a prominent role in a Black Adam sequel, something that Dwayne Johnson is known to be fighting for. We also don’t know the details of Cavill’s pitch, but the actor’s always displayed a deep knowledge and understanding of what makes Superman tick, so that might have been part of what convinced WB to keep him around.

Obviously, this isn’t official yet, so you might not want to get too excited for now, but this report is certainly extremely encouraging. And with Ben Affleck recently confirmed to be back as Batman in The Flash, it does seem like the next logical step for the DCEU.

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