Dwayne Johnson Reportedly Insisting Black Adam Fights Henry Cavill’s Superman

Black Adam

As the architect of his own success that’s seen him become the highest-paid movie star in the world, produce almost all of his output through his Seven Bucks Productions company and gain a reputation as one of the very few actors that can draw in audiences based on the strength of his personal brand alone, Dwayne Johnson should be used to getting his own way by now.

After all, there’s no chance the 48 year-old would have signed on to a shared superhero universe without retaining a huge level of creative influence, especially when he’s been attached to the lead role in Black Adam for well over a decade at this point. When Johnson says the antihero’s impending debut in the DCEU is going to change the entire franchise’s hierarchy of power, you better believe it.

The recent DC FanDome event gave us our best look at Black Adam yet, although concrete plot details are still relatively thin on the ground. The concept art looks to lean into hard sci-fi territory, though, which is new for an actor that tends to play different variations on the same archetypal character in all of his movies.

The Hobbs & Shaw star hasn’t shied away from the idea of Black Adam facing off against Superman somewhere down the line, either, and we’ve now heard from our sources – the same ones that told us Ben Affleck was returning for The Flash and a Justice League Dark show is coming to HBO Max– that Johnson is adamant he gets to fight Henry Cavill’s Big Blue Boy Scout in a future project.

According to our intel, Johnson is determined to see two of the most powerful figures in comic book history go head-to-head, and while it likely won’t happen in the first installment, he’s insisting that the seeds for a confrontation are sown in Black Adam, in what would surely be a battle that would make the third act of Man of Steel look like a schoolyard scrap by comparison.