Henry Cavill Reveals The Superman Story He Wants Adapted In Man Of Steel 2


We’re getting some real mixed messages on the possibility of a Man of Steel 2 at some point in the near future. Last month the talk was that an announcement for the next Superman movie would be coming very soon, and just a few weeks ago a photo was released that seemed to show Henry Cavill getting ripped once more for the role. On the other hand, you have Mission: Impossible – Fallout director Christopher McQuarrie saying that the project no longer interests him and a popular Twitter tipster telling us that we shouldn’t expect any news about the film for a while.

But though Cavill himself has been pretty evasive on the subject of a sequel, that hasn’t stopped the Man of Steel star from fantasizing a little on where he’d like the series to head next. Just last week, Cavill singled out the character of Brainiac as “a great villain” who could yield some strong stories opposite Supes. Moreover, the actor has now pointed to a certain 12-issue arc from the comic books as a worthy source of inspiration.

“I’m a huge fan of Superman comic books, obviously, and we’ve covered a lot of the really good stuff from the comics, in part, in the movies, so I couldn’t necessarily say those,” Cavill said during a Facebook Live stream Wednesday. “But I can say, one of my favorite books is Superman: For Tomorrow. That one I think — [you] could certainly draw some inspiration from that. I think it would make a really good movie.”

The For Tomorrow story was published back in 2004 and 2005 in Superman issues #204-215 and sees Clark Kent in a similar situation to the one currently faced by the remaining occupants of the MCU. The issues are set in the aftermath of “The Vanishing” – an event which saw the mysterious disappearance of over one million people, including Superman’s wife Lois Lane – as our hero tries to set things right while coping with his sense of loss and guilt over allowing this to happen

There may well be an intriguing movie to be found in this saga, but whether any of this story could some day make its way into a Man of Steel 2 remains unclear for the time being. Nonetheless, if you’re really impatient to see Henry Cavill risk death and get into some fights, you could always check out Mission: Impossible – Fallout, which is in cinemas now.