Here are all of Hulu’s most heartfelt and wholesome Christmas movies

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The best time of year to watch Christmas movies is during the lovely days leading up to the celebration of Old Saint Nick. If you’re hoping to be filled with the Christmas spirit this year, Hulu might be the best place for you to begin your holiday movie binge.

One of the best things about Christmas movies is the fact that they tend to be family-friendly and filled with heartfelt and wholesome storylines. Whether a Christmas movie is focusing on Santa Claus, family members reuniting, or two unlikely characters falling in love during the holidays, Hulu has a wide selection of excellent options to choose from. Here are 10 of the best currently on the platform.

Christmas with the Kranks

Christmas with the Kranks is a hilarious Christmas movie from 2004 that’s classified as both a family flick and a comedy. It stars the hilarious Tim Allen and Jamie Lee Curtis in the leading roles, with the title characters’ plan being to ditch the cold weather and get away from the snow during the holidays and take a Caribbean cruise. Unfortunately for them, their neighbors aren’t too keen on the fact that they’re refusing to take part in the annual “best-decorated street” competition for Christmas, leading to all kinds of antics that teach everyone, especially Mr. Krank, the true meaning of the holiday.

All About Christmas Eve

All About Christmas Eve is a 2012 movie starring Haylie Duff in the leading role of Eve. Her life has the chance to go in two very different directions depending on whether or not she’s able to catch a flight to Los Angeles on Christmas Eve. She’s able to experience life in both parallel universes to better decide which route she should end up taking permanently. In one parallel universe, she plans a huge Christmas event that goes off without a hitch. In the other, she becomes a well-known artist. In the end, she has to decide which life path is ideal for her.

The Man Who Invented Christmas

The Man Who Invented Christmas is a 2017 film that takes us back to 1843 and focuses on Charles Dickens when he was residing in London. After writing three unsuccessful novels, he finds himself in a financial bind. Unable to make ends meet, he becomes desperate to write a wonderful book in an attempt to change the trajectory of his life. Eventually, he’s able to utilize his vivid imagination to create the characters Tiny Tim and Ebenezer Scrooge with the help of real-life inspiration.

So This Is Christmas

So This Is Christmas is a 2013 movie about a young woman named Ashley who likes to live life on the edge. She does things that might be considered inappropriate or “fast” compared to other women her age. Things finally slow down for her when she agrees to direct a play for underprivileged children. The experience allows her to open her eyes to a whole new world. On top of that, she’s also able to cross paths with her soul mate right in time for Christmas.

The Holiday

The Holiday is one of the most notable Christmas movies ever due to its star-studded cast, beautiful storyline, and gorgeous music. It stars Kate Winslet, Cameron Diaz, Jack Black, and Jude Law in the leading roles, and all of them contribute dazzling performances. In this movie, two women agree to swap homes for the holidays since both of their lives aren’t going the way they planned. Their changes in location lead them to realize what’s missing in their respective lives, which, after this magical holiday, will never be the same.

A Christmas Carol

Jim Carrey is the lead voice actor in A Christmas Carol from 2009 and plays none other than Ebeneezer Scrooge. Anyone who knows the traditional story by Charles Dickens knows that Scrooge absolutely hates Christmas and miserably does his best to avoid any joyful activities. Throughout his night, Scrooge ends up getting haunted by three ghosts who take him on a journey through his past, present, and future. Because of what he sees, Scrooge finally changes his viewpoint.

Girlfriends of Christmas Past

When three women realize they share the same horrible ex-boyfriend in common, they devise a super manipulative and messy plan. They want to seek revenge on him at an upcoming holiday retreat, but one of the women finds herself super distracted the whole time. Instead of focusing on vengeance with her ex-boyfriend, she realizes she’s ready to open the door on love with a brand new romantic prospect. When true love comes calling, it’s no longer worth anyone’s time to continue basking in misery from the past! 

Deck the Halls

2006 was a big year for Christmas movies with Deck the Halls being another hilarious comedy from the year to fill you up with the holiday spirit. The movie, which stars Matthew Broderick and Danny Devito in the leading roles, tells the story of a dad living life in the suburbs who is totally excited in preparation for Christmas. His next-door neighbor ends up starting something of a territorial war with him as they battle it out to see who can decorate their house better with the use of lights and colorful illumination.

Happiest Season

Happiest Season is a 2020 movie starring Kristen Stewart and Mackenzie Davis in the leading roles. They play a lesbian couple ready to move forward with their relationship. When one of them plans to propose to the other, her romantic quest is thwarted when she learns the truth about her partner⏤that her partner hasn’t come out of the closet yet to her super-conservative parents. Unfortunately for them, keeping her sexual identity a secret threatens to tear the relationship apart.

Dear Santa

Crystal is living her best life, partying and socializing with her friends every weekend, but she doesn’t feel like there’s anything else to focus on until she picks up a handwritten letter on the road. A young girl has written a letter to Santa requesting a new mother. Crystal decides to introduce herself to the girl and her father to see what might develop. From there, a brand new connection ends up changing all of their lives forever.

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