Here’s What Armie Hammer Could Look Like As Shazam

When it comes to the DC Extended Universe, all of the focus right now is being placed on Patty Jenkins’ Wonder Woman, and understandably so. But looking further ahead, there are a number of other films coming our way that are definitely worth getting excited about. One of those is Black Adam, which will star Dwayne Johnson as the titular character.

It’s a project which we haven’t heard too much about just yet, but as The Rock continues to do press for his new film Baywatch, more and more news is beginning to emerge. Just yesterday, for instance, the actor known as ‘franchise viagra’ around Hollywood revealed who his pick is to play Shazam, and it’s none other than Armie Hammer. That’s interesting for a few reasons, one of which being is that Hammer is notorious for trolling DC fans.

For a while now, he’s been linked to a role in Warner Bros.’ budding cinematic universe and while many thought it was Green Lantern, the popular opinion seems to have now changed thanks to Johnson’s comments. Unfortunately, the studio still hasn’t told us what their plans for Shazam are just yet, but thanks to some awesome designs by fan artist extraordinaire Boss Logic, we can definitely say that Hammer would look great in the role.

Not bad, eh? While this art by no means confirms that we’ll see The Lone Ranger star in the DCEU, or that he’s even being considered for the role, you’ve got to imagine that if Johnson wants him in the film, then Warner Bros. is well aware of it. The Rock tends to get a lot of creative control over whatever project he’s involved in, so if he thinks Hammer would be a perfect fit for Shazam, then you can bet that the studio’s listening closely.

Whether they’ll end up going with him or not is another matter entirely, but we certainly wouldn’t be against this casting choice. Hammer’s a talented guy who still needs a proper big break. He’s been doing some strong work recently in movies like Mine and Free Fire and we’d love to see all these rumors come true and have him join the DCEU officially. Time will ultimately tell, but don’t be too surprised if the actor ends up squaring off against Dwayne Johnson in Black Adam.