Here’s How Chris Pine Could Look As The MCU’s Cyclops

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All four of Hollywood’s premiere handsome actors named Chris hold major roles in comic book franchises, but Marvel Studios have 75% of the quartet under their roof. In fact, by the time Thor: Love and Thunder hits theaters in February 2022, Evans, Hemsworth and Pratt will have made a combined total of 24 appearances in the MCU, so Kevin Feige has certainly got his money’s worth out of the Holy Trinity.

Meanwhile, Chris Pine will have his second outing as the DCEU’s Steve Trevor when Wonder Woman 1984 arrives on the big screen and HBO Max in just over two weeks, even though he sacrificed himself to save the world at the end of the first movie. Of course, there’s no rule dictating that actors can’t appear in both of Hollywood’s premiere superhero franchises, and many have done so already, but there might very well be Chris overkill if the Kelvin timeline’s Captain Kirk was to make the jump into rival territory.

However, that hasn’t stopped ApexForm from imagining how the 40 year-old could look as the MCU’s version of Cyclops with some new fan art, and you can check it out down below.

Having been one of the most severely underused characters in Fox’s X-Men films, fans are hoping the upcoming reboot will finally give Scott Summers something important to do after he spent the better part of two decades largely being used as a plot device to further the arcs of Jean Grey and Wolverine.

With thirteen X-Men movies having been made already, putting a fresh and exciting new spin on such a familiar band of faces might appear to be a daunting task, but we know much better at this stage than to underestimate the MCU, especially when Feige has been desperate to get his hands on Charles Xavier’s students for so long.