Here’s How Deathstroke Looks Without His Mask In Justice League


For months now, there’s been heated debate online over whether or not Joe Manganiello’s Deathstroke is still a part of the DC Extended Universe. Though he had been tipped for a leading role in The Batman, after Matt Reeves (War For the Planet of the Apes) came on board and allegedly ordered a page-one rewrite upon inheriting Ben Affleck’s solo vehicle, the character’s involvement was called into question.

Thankfully, the studio made the wise choice to keep him around and while we still don’t know if he’ll factor as heavily into the Bat’s standalone outing as he was initially supposed to, he does look to be an important part of the future of the DCEU. That’s because not only is Deathstroke getting his own film, but he also shows up in the post-credits scene for Justice League. Well, in one of them, at least.

And, after the scene in question leaked online earlier today, we now have our very first look at the anti-hero without his mask on. Of course, the quality is pretty rough as this was clearly recorded on a phone, but for those eager to see how Manganiello looks beneath the face gear, this is the best you’ll get until the pic hits theaters on Friday.

Pretty cool, right? Sporting a very comic book accurate look, the actor seems to be fitting into the role quite nicely and we’re definitely excited to see him in action up on the big screen. Again, it’s not known just yet how he factors into things, but speculation points towards either Lex Luthor hiring the mercenary to kill Batman, or Slade Wilson and the supervillain joining forces to form the Injustice League – who may show up in Justice League 2, if Ezra Miller has his way.

Regardless, all should be revealed this Friday, when WB’s tentpole storms into theaters.