Description Of First Child’s Play Reboot Trailer Leaks Online

Cult of Chucky

Though the first trailer for the upcoming Child’s Play reboot is still a couple of days away from dropping, here at WGTC we’ve managed to catch the preview a little early, and while the footage doesn’t offer a proper look at the new Chucky, it does gives us a pretty good idea of the mayhem that will unfold from his murderous shenanigans.

The one-minute trailer starts off as a commercial for Kaslan Corp. To the tune of “Best Friend” by Harry Nilsson, the footage offers various images of stylish tech and family life while the voiceover tells us that their company is about “more than entertainment. It’s about being known, understood, loved.”

The cheery mood takes a dark turn, however, once the ad introduces us to our “new best friend,” transitioning to a scene of Andy Barclay, played by Gabriel Bateman, unwrapping the Buddi doll given to him by his mother Karen, played by Aubrey Plaza. From here, the Nilsson song starts repeating the word “best friend” like a broken record while a series of brief shots tease the chaos that Andy’s Chucky doll will unleash.

We see a body covered in a sheet, a person falling onto a car from a great height, a woman screaming, a car crashing, and a lot of people looking very concerned, including Detective Mike Norris, played by Brian Tyree Henry. Throughout this sequence, the old slogan “Friends ’till the End” comes up on the screen, before the footage culminates in the image of Karen tied up with tape over her mouth. After a creepy close-up of Plaza’s eye, we cut to black before the title flashes up across the screen, followed by one last shot of Chucky’s silhouette, his face shrouded in darkness.

So, that’s the footage you can expect to see heading your way later this week, but we’ll find out what the new trailer isn’t showing us when Child’s Play hits theaters on June 21st, 2019.