Here’s How Henry Cavill Could Look As The MCU’s Cyclops

Henry Cavill

With his future as Superman uncertain, superhero fans have been wishing that Henry Cavill will hop over to the MCU instead to play a different comic book character. Reports and rumors have swirled that The Witcher star actually is in talks with Marvel Studios over an unknown role. What part he could potentially be discussing we can only speculate, but this excellent fan art imagines Cavill joining the MCU’s X-Men as Scott Summers AKA Cyclops.

The piece, from fan artist @britedit, decks Cavill out in the mutant’s classic costume, complete with blue suit and visor. While some of his fans may think it sacrilegious to cover Cavill’s face up like this, you have to admit he does have the chin for the role. “If @henrycavill did meet with marvel,” the artist wrote in their caption. “All I’m saying is we need a cyclops in the MCU…” See it for yourself below:

The Marvel character who’s most linked with Cavill is Captain Britain, but one recent report claimed that the studio has no current plans to bring that hero into the MCU. Failing that, then, maybe the Man of Steel icon would be a great fit for the X-Men. As with every other male actor on the planet, he has been in the running to place Hugh Jackman as Wolverine at one point. He’s maybe not the most obvious choice for Scott Summers, then, but Marvel probably needs to find someone with Cavill’s likability and physicality to avoid repeating Fox’s mistakes.

Cyclops appeared in six of Fox’s X-Men movies, as played by both James Marsden and Tye Sheridan, but – due to no fault of the actors – he never stole the spotlight in the way the traditional team leader deserves. Cavill has such a strong screen presence that he’d be able to imbue Cyke with some extra oomph, if he really was cast.

Who knows when the X-Men will finally enter the MCU, though, as a reboot project has yet to be officially announced. Henry Cavill, meanwhile, will next be seen in The Witcher season 2, coming to Netflix later this year.