Henry Cavill Reportedly Not Up For Captain Britain Role

Henry Cavill

At the peak of the speculation swirling around Henry Cavill’s immediate future as part of the DCEU or otherwise, barely a day went by without the actor being linked to a role in any number of major franchises, video game adaptations or original projects.

Thankfully, the relentless churn has settled down substantially, thanks largely in part to the number of in-development titles he’s added to his plate. Just a few months ago, Cavill had nothing lined up once shooting had wrapped on The Witcher‘s second season, but now he’s got Enola Holmes 2, the Highlander reboot, Matthew Vaughn’s Argylle and literary adaptation The Rosie Project all on the agenda.

Throughout it all, talk has constantly turned to a potential turn in the Marvel Cinematic Universe as Captain Britain, who was made official canon by Peggy Carter in Avengers: Endgame. The latest rumor claims that the 38 year-old is not up for the role of Brian Braddock, despite recently taking a reported meeting with the studio.

Of course, it was never corroborated that he’d even met with Marvel at all, while previous reports have offered that he’s either the number one choice for Captain Britain, he’s being eyed for the role or has already entered talks. As such, we’re in exactly the same place as we’ve always been, with the localized superhero’s entry into the world’s biggest franchise entirely up for debate as to whether it’s happening sooner, later or not at all.

Cavill’s dance card is looking pretty full for the foreseeable future anyway, so we’ll just have to wait and see if this Marvel talk blossoms into anything substantial, or the chatter starts all over again a few months down the line.