Here’s How Joel Kinnaman Could Look As Spider-Man 3’s Kraven


At this point, most fans are expecting Kraven the Hunter to be revealed as the villain of Spider-Man 3, continuing the franchise’s trend of making the antagonist someone we’ve never seen in live-action before, not to mention director Jon Watts’ admission that he’d love to use Sergei Kravinoff at some stage in the future.

Given the various titles that have been rumored, the story is set to send Peter Parker on the run after the returning J. Jonah Jameson revealed his secret identity to the world at the end of Far From Home, and there’s few people better qualified to track down a super-powered fugitive than the most famous big game hunter in comic book history.

Recent reports have claimed that Marvel are looking for a Joel Kinnaman-type for a role in Spider-Man 3, which instantly led to speculation that the Suicide Squad star was being eyed for Kraven. He certainly possesses the physicality and intensity required to embody the character, and some new fan art from Jackson Caspersz just goes to show how well the 40 year-old Swedish actor fits the bill, which you can check out below.

With Spider-Man 3 having been delayed again, it could be a few months yet before concrete plot and casting information arrives. Although, the production is still hoping to get underway long before the end of the year, so with any luck, we’ll learn more soon.

When it comes to such high profile comic book sequels though, there’s almost constant speculation about who the villain will end up being, but nobody other than Kraven has really been mentioned for the threequel so far. As such, either Marvel are doing a great job of keeping the real big bad under wraps, or the big game hunter is a lock for his live-action debut.