Marvel Reportedly Eyeing Joel Kinnaman-Type For Spider-Man 3, Possibly As Kraven

Tom Holland-Spider-Man

We don’t know much about Spider-Man 3but one thing that hasn’t exactly been officially confirmed yet but is a widely accepted fact all the same is that Kraven the Hunter will be Peter Parker’s next nemesis. Fans are naturally excited to see who Marvel casts as the fur-wearing foe, with various actors suggested of late. According to a new rumor, though, one star who hasn’t been mentioned much but who would actually be a great fit for the part is potentially in the running.

Charles Murphy of Murphy’s Multiverse has shared that the studio is on the hunt for a “Joel Kinnaman-type” for an unspecified role in Spider-Man 3. There are a lot of ifs and buts here, as Murphy points out that just because they’re looking for someone like Kinnaman, doesn’t mean he’s necessarily being eyed himself. However, the insider seems sure that this role is none other than Kraven.

As said above, Kinnaman isn’t someone who immediately springs to mind when thinking about who would make a good Kraven, but he would absolutely fit the bill. He can get in shape, he’s got the acting chops and we know he looks good with a beard, too. Murphy is keen to stress that he’s been unable at this stage to have the intel corroborated by a second source, so maybe don’t get too excited about it just yet. However, it doesn’t sound like the craziest of possibilities.

Kinnman is, of course, no stranger to the comic book genre, having played Rick Flagg in Suicide Squad. He’s actually set to reprise the role again in upcoming sequel The Suicide Squad. We may even get a look at him back in character as Amanda Waller’s right-hand man when our first glimpse at the movie arrives during DC FanDome later this month.

As for Spider-Man 3 though, tell us, would you approve if Joel Kinnaman snagged the part of Kraven? Have your say in the comments below.