Here’s How Michael B. Jordan Could Look As The Next Superman


As the whole ‘will he/won’t he’ saga continues to rage on, and the Internet raises some serious question marks over Henry Cavill’s future in the Worlds of DC franchise – or lack thereof – a new candidate has emerged for the role of Superman.

His name? Michael B. Jordan, star of Creed and Marvel’s Black Panther. The actor has already addressed the possibility of taking over for Cavill in the coveted role, though Warner Bros. is yet to announce anything official. Still, that’s in no way stemmed the tide of speculation, and when Jordan recently spoke to Oprah Winfrey, he revealed which Man of Steel he’d like to play. And no, it’s not Clark Kent.

Instead, the actor has his eye on Calvin Ellis, who hails from Earth 23 and is really a Kryptonian named Kalel. And now, with talk of Jordan possibly taking the role heating up, we have a pretty good idea of how he’d look as Superman thanks to the gorgeous fan art seen down below.

Honestly, he looks pretty awesome here and we can definitely see the Creed star suiting up one day. However, we also shouldn’t get too far ahead of ourselves just yet as for all we know, Cavill may still return to the role.

As recently as December, Aquaman star Jason Momoa told us that Henry wasn’t finished playing Superman, stating that despite what we keep hearing, his Justice League co-star is “absolutely not” done with the franchise and that he “loves the character.” Clearly, there seems to be some confusion going on behind the scenes and there’ve been far too many conflicting reports on the topic to keep track of, but if one thing seems pretty clear, it’s that Michael B. Jordan would certainly be a suitable replacement for Cavill if Warner Bros. ends up needing one.

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