Here’s Every Pokémon That’s Confirmed To Appear In Detective Pikachu


It’s been 26 years since Super Mario Bros: The Movie and we still haven’t seen a genuinely great live-action video game adaptation. Some, like the Silent Hill films weren’t exactly terrible, but most have been Z-movie garbage that landed with a thud and promptly disappeared forever. But Nintendo and Legendary Entertainment are hoping that Detective Pikachu‘s going to finally break the trend. Adapted from the Nintendo 3DS game of the same name, the film combines CGI and live-action to present a slightly freakish real world take on what’ve previously been cartoon characters.

Given how recognizable Pokémon are, it’s been fascinating to see how the filmmakers have adapted their designs for live-action. Their tactic appears to have been to stick to their classic appearances, but also add a bit more texture and complexity to ensure they just about look right when sharing a frame with the human actors.

So, who’ve we seen so far? Well, the trailers have showcased series icons like Pikachu, Jigglypuff, Psyduck, Charizard, Bulbasaur, Charmander, Mr. Mime and Greninja. But there’s been a whole lot more tucked away in the corners of each frame and in the set detailing, and Screen Rant has now put together a handy list pointing them all out.

For instance, just check out the scene in the trailer showing a herd of Bulbasaurs moving down a stream, which has a Morelull (a Generation VII fairy type) floating nearby. Completing the roster of the original three Red/Blue choices, there’s a blink and you’ll miss it look at Squirtle in the preview, too, seen staring through the bars of a cage (he’s also shown in a wanted poster later, alongside a Pancham). We also get Generation II Pokemon Snubbull, who seems to be a part of the police department.

Flying around in the city scenes, meanwhile, are Dodrio, Pidgeotto, Comfey and Braviary, with street signs showing Victini and Wooper above them. Also on the street signs are some wild Emolgas, a small electric mouse type. Furthermore, in the first shot of Psyduck, we see a classic design Gengar balloon behind the characters.

More obscurely, we get a few hints that some of the most powerful Pokemon will be referenced in the movie. In hero Tim’s bedroom, for instance, there are posters advertising bouts such as Dragonite vs. Hypno, and Articuno vs. Steelix, and a poster showing a fight between Reshiram and Zekrom. I think there’s a Blastoise poster, too, but it’s difficult to see in the trailer.

I’ve scoured the footage pretty thoroughly, but the folks at Bulbapedia claim to have spotted even more. Their page says that in addition to all of the above, there’s been sight of a Bouffalant, a Flabebe, an Audino, a Rufflet, a Joltik, an Aipom and a Ditto (though really, any Pokémon could be a Ditto).

Regardless of whether or not all these creatures will actually appear in the film, it’s clear that there’s much to look forward to for fans and with the first reactions to Detective Pikachu proving to be very positive, we can’t wait to finally lay eyes on it.

Source: ScreenRant