New Hitchcock Teaser Poster Released

A new teaser poster for the upcoming film Hitchcock has been released, showcasing star Anthony Hopkins in the titular role as famed thriller director/waffle-eating enthusiast Alfred Hitchock.

Hopkins’ pose and the “Good Evening” tagline recall Hitch’s iconic introductions to his Alfred Hitchcock Presents television program, while the title’s font appears to be a nod to the original poster for Psycho, the 1960 film which this movie dramatizes the making of.

In addition to Hopkins as Hitch, the director’s wife will be played by Helen Mirren, the role of 1960’s blonde bombshell Janet Leigh will be played by 2012’s blonde bombshell Scarlett Johansson, and actor Anthony Perkins will be portrayed by James D’Arcy.

The film will also feature Jessica Biel as actress Vera Miles, Toni Collette as Peggy Robertson, Michael Stuhlbarg as Lew Wasserman (Hitchcock’s agent), and Michael Wincott as famous serial killer and Psycho-inspiration Ed Gein.

Also, Psycho screenwriter Joe Stefano will be played by Ralph Macchio, who has probably spent the entire production pestering director Sacha Gervasi (Anvil!) and trying to convince him to make a movie called The Karate MAN.

The film is set to be released this November, though it may be beaten to the punch by the upcoming HBO movie The Girl, which chronicles the making of The Birds and stars Toby Jones as Hitchcock.

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