Hobbs & Shaw Director Addresses If The Duo Could Beat John Wick

John Wick 3

In recent years, the action genre has taken a massive step in the right direction. And many of its most impressive advancements can be witnessed in some form or another through the John Wick franchise.

The three-film saga, whose plot can nearly be wholly summarized in 10 seconds, focuses more on the combat choreography than the dialogue and the story. This isn’t to say that the movies abandon those two lesser characteristics, but the soft-spoken, hard-handed aura of John Wick (played by a perfectly cast Keanu Reeves) makes him one of the most badass characters of the modern age.

At least a third of that fact can be attributed to stuntman-turned-director David Leitch, whose feature career began with the series’ first entry. Five years later, Leitch has taken the reigns of the Fast & Furious franchise’s latest project, Hobbs & Shaw – which begs the question: out of the two entities, which would win in a fight?

And when he had the opportunity to sit down with Leitch, that was precisely what CinemaBlend’s Braden Roberts decided to ask. So, who would take the cake here? Well, you can see how Leitch put it down below:

“Wow, that’s a tough question. Seeing as I’ve been a part of both of them, it’s hard to answer. I think it’d be a damn good fight, how about that?”

That sounds a bit like a copout to me. Sure, I can’t blame Leitch for wanting to sound neutral in answering that question, given that he could risk sabotaging the reputation of his own movie, but come on. John Wick would win hands down.

Not only is there the small presence of his humungous head count to consider, but Wick is among the most ferociously trained, and unkillable creatures to ever hit the big screen. Sometimes, I like to think that in an alternate reality, the T-800 is taking notes from the John Wick series.