Home Sweet Home Alone Cast Share Their Favorite Home Alone Traps

home sweet home alone

When Home Sweet Home Alone premiered on Disney Plus Day, it was to audiences who were looking for a sense of nostalgia and renewed joy in the simple way that pranks can bring people closer together—and keep them farther apart from bad guys, of course.

That rings especially true when it comes to traps set by a child left home alone, stranded during the Christmas holiday miles away from their family. Home Alone, the 1990 film, addressed what could happen in just that situation, and Disney Plus’ Home Sweet Home Alone touches on it in a modern way.

Comicbook.com shared a portion of their chat with the cast of Home Sweet Home Alone on Disney Plus Day, and of course, they asked about their favorite traps from Home Alone. The franchise of films has so many incredible traps and pranks within it—it’s hard to choose just one.

Ally Maki shared that her favorite part is when he puts the spider on his chest.

“I would say aside from the paint cans, because it’s just always a good time with the paint cans, my favorite part is when he puts the spider on his chest because when he screams with this spider, it gets you every time. Then he runs up in the attic and he does, you know the zip line? And I think that’s just one of my favorite scenes for sure.”

Aisling Bea said her favorite had to deal with vehicles—but not the ones you drive to work in. The cars prank is one of our favorites, too.

“I did love the cars in the original. I just think that’s a visually and how it’s shot is a sort of beautiful moment.”

Archie Yates, the star of the show, had a one-word answer for this critical question.


Rob Delaney and Ellie Kemper shared their favorite pranks from the Home Alone realm, and Delaney’s was one from the newly released Home Sweet Home Alone.

“I mean, they show it in the trailer for this one. So I think that’s fine. But when Jeff, my character, jumps onto the trampoline, they pull the leg up, and then he helicopters around into the tree. I mean, that was written pretty explicitly in the script, and when I even read that, I thought, geez, that’s terrible. I mean, that’s… that’s hospitalization for at least six months. And then seeing how it’s done was that to me is like the nastiest because I think that’s the only one that could like snap a human body in half.”

Kemper followed up with a similar adoration for Yates’ favorite prank.

“I do like the blowtorch…to Joe Pesci’s head. Yeah, just his expression. I mean that’s all. How is he still that…you may not have withstood that.”

You can see Home Sweet Home Alone streaming on Disney Plus now.