Horror Fans Are Discussing Films Friendly To Watch With Mom For Halloween

With spooky season upon us, we’re all watching our favorite scary movies, reading haunting stories, and surrounding ourselves with all things terrifying. From the most grotesque and horrifying scary movies to feel-good films you can watch with your family, there’s enough to make any Halloween celebration fun.

So when a horror fan posed a question on Reddit, other horror buffs came in quick with responses and similar stories. This person wanted to watch some Halloween films with their mama, who they called both spooky and slightly sensitive. This has to be one of the sweetest posts we’ve seen about Halloween this year.

As we said, other horror fans jumped in to help, and by the end of the tread, there was a feel-good series of Halloween movies for all of us to enjoy. If you want to have a Halloween horror movie night that’s light on horror and heavy on fun and family, this list has you covered.

The great thing about most “kid” Halloween movies is that they’re great for everyone. They’re usually a bit spooky but with a sweet story to unravel.

This user suggested letting their mom pick the movies for the night.

This user suggested a few films that are still scary without being ‘too much,’ noting that their mother is the same way.

This list was full of great recommendations.

You absolutely can’t go wrong with Beetlejuice — no matter what!

The Halloween Tree is such a good watch for anyone of any age — trust us on that one!

Nightbooks is a new film that a lot of people are saying they enjoy more than expected. You can stream it on Netflix now!

What family-friendly Halloween films do you watch during spooky season? Any new ones from the list you want to check out?