Horror Fans Are Discussing This Important Element In The Original Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Some movies have solidified a place for themselves as horror icons through terrifying characters and plotlines that leave viewers scared and uncomfortable.

There are films you sit down to watch, knowing you’re going to be terrified the entire time. Texas Chainsaw Massacre is one of those films, and be it the original or one of the remakes of the film; they’re all absolutely frightening.

One of the most terrifying works of film within the TCM realm or outside of it is the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre. The movie chills you to the bone for several reasons. The characters, the storyline, the moments of silence, and the ones filled with screams are a horror experience.

So when it comes to reboots and who is in charge creatively, horror fans don’t miss a beat. This fan brought up an excellent point, on Reddit, about the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre film and had a very valid opinion on a reboot.

Of course, reboots of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre exist, but this user addressed Rob Zombie remaking the movie and how they feel he’s not the right guy for the job.

Many uses echoed similar sentiments in the comments sections.

This user and their sister discussed the film and the “less is more” take on violence.

Some fans wondered if it was done for budget or rating purposes, but whatever the reasoning was, it absolutely worked.

This fan says the budget may have forced them to be more creative.

You can watch the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre on Hulu and Amazon Prime this Halloween season.