Horror Fans Are Recommending The Scariest Movies Featuring Voodoo

When it comes to horror, some genres are widely ‘easy’ to watch. You know, the movies we all sit through while anticipating jump scares or masked killers hiding behind every door. We see the movie’s premise while going into it, and they usually evolve in ways we can expect — all while still being terrifying.

There are some sub-cultures of horror that bring a more significant scare; hauntings, spirits, ouija boards, and voodoo — there are people who won’t even watch some films in their home in fear that they’ll invite spirits inside. Those movies are the topic of conversation in a recent Reddit thread about horror movies.

A movie buff asked for recommendations on voodoo horror movies or frightening films with a New Orleans setting to prepare for an upcoming trip.

Fans began suggesting movies and series for the fan and others to enjoy this spooky season.

AHS Coven is one of our favorite seasons, too.

This user didn’t have any horror recommendations but did suggest taking a ghost tour, noting the unique history in New Orleans.

This fan recommended The Serpent and the Rainbow, an early Craven film.

This user recommended The Skeleton Key, and we’d almost forgotten how much we enjoy that movie.

This user recommended the Hatchet movies, centering around Mardi Gras and The Princess and The Frog, which genuinely is a beautiful Disney film, albeit not horror — but full of New Orleans history and a villain who is big on curses.

We have to admit; we hadn’t heard of this movie, but after reading the comments from others who have seen it and finding the premise for the film — we are adding it to our must-watch list ASAP.

This one was an excellent recommendation list as a whole, but Scooby-Doo on Zombie Island deserves way more recognition than it gets. Do you have any favorite voodoo horror films? Let us know.