Horror Fans Are Sharing Movies The Most Polarizing Films In The Genre

Polarizing movies: people love them, or people hate them, and that’s kind of the point. Some films are made in such a way that they’re either going to resonate with your audience, or they’re going to make people walk away wondering what they just sat through.

We love to watch our favorite movies during Halloween, and we love finding new ones to add to our watch lists, as do most horror buffs. You always want to see the next shock factor, you want to be scared, you want to find the movie that people sort of hate that you really love.

Lately, Reddit has been blowing up with horror movie suggestion lists, and one covers films just like that. From terrifying movies to more of a psychological thrill, fans have discussed films that they’ve watched that left themselves and others with a love/hate relationship to the experience.

Here’s what scary movie fans are saying about those polarizing horror flicks.

The replies to this thread were split, which is precisely the point of the line. Many said they loved that film, while others said they still haven’t seen a “good” Friday movie.

Midsommar was a film that people talked about and had very extreme opinions on. It was the definition of a love/hate film experience. There wasn’t a lot of a grey area with this one.

We thought The Blair Witch Project was definitely terrifying, but not everyone was impressed or scared by the film.

Paranormal Activity is a film that people have strong opinions of, too. Many fans truly loved the first one but haven’t enjoyed the sequels as much, while some fans didn’t care for any of them.

The Village was also a movie some people enjoyed, even though more people on this thread said that they didn’t enjoy it much at all.

Do any of these films make your polarizing movie list? Which did you love and which did you hate? Let’s talk about them.