Horror Fans Are Sharing The Best Foreign Films To Watch During Halloween

As far as scary classics are concerned, different physical locations will lead to varying lists of favorites for fans of the horror genre. An American may have a list full of horror hits that someone living within the U.K. might not share. Someone in Japan may find icons of horror different from someone living in Spain, and so on.

While we all settle in to watch scary movies for the foreseeable future, then, fans want to dive into different genres, explore new characters and storylines, and indulge in more international horror. One Reddit user posed the question: what are the best non-American scary movies, and fans quickly responded.

From horror movies that might just make you cry to those that’ll leave you sleeping with the lights on, here are the films fans are sharing.

A reply to this post said that The Orphanage made them cry.

This one is billed as a supernatural horror film.

While we haven’t seen every movie on this user’s list, many of them we have, and they’re great.

28 Days Later seems to top horror lists for many fans.

This one is an Australian action-horror film that quite a few agreed with.

Relic is a standout film for us, too. It ignites a horror within you far more profound than just that of a spooky setting.

Let The Right One In was a popular pick.

Impetigore is being called a hidden-gem horror movie. We haven’t seen it ourselves, but we fully intend to watch it soon.

This fan shared a list of horror movies from different places, and we recognized The Wicker Man right away. The original, starring Christopher Lee, is considered a landmark in U.K. cinema. The U.S. remake starring Nicolas Cage, on the other hand? Steer clear.

What international horror movies do you have on your Halloween watch list? Share them with us in the comments below!