Horror fans debate the best movies to watch without knowing a thing about them

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On November 17, 2022
Last modified:November 17, 2022


When it comes to horror, there can be enough twists and turns and jaw-dropping moments in a genre story to put a soap opera to shame. Several are obvious, some are surprising, and now fans of this kind of work have found what to not look at before watching.

A new post on Reddit invites users to tell others what horror stories are the best to go into without knowing anything about them. The conversation initiator said Japan’s Audition was worthwhile, and for another, a recent film centered around a death of a mysterious figure is a great example of something you can be surprised by, though, even trailers should be avoided for it, too.

Several other suggestions included the recently released Barbarian, and, later in the thread, someone else brought in a holiday spirit and also added a film from their country to the list of what is likely to send a chill up someone’s spine when watched blind.

Further recommendations include Malignant, Hereditary, Dead End, and The Midnight Meat Train. Of films from the era when horror reigned most supreme at the box office, one of the standout suggestions was a holiday set story which, in contrast to others in the space, has not yet had any sequels or remakes and features one of the more bananas twists we will not spoil for you here.

Other films we recommend knowing nothing about beforehand include The Last Broadcast, The Boy, Sleepaway Camp, Don’t Hang Up, and The Others. All are sure to stay with you and leave you gasping when their most major moments are revealed.