Horror Fans Reveal The Movie Scenes That Made Them Physically Ill

Evil Dead

There are many stomach-churning scenes in horror movies, depending on your particular sensitivities. While I’m OK with most gore, anything involving children, no matter how fake-looking, is always a hard watch. To this end, people’s choices can be pretty subjective, as shown in a recent Reddit discussion of films that made folks feel sick. The list is quite eclectic, but provides a good guide for testing your endurance, should you choose to do so. It’s also worth mentioning that there are some potential spoilers ahead.

In terms of more recent releases, one user is revulsed by the final ten minutes of the 2013 Evil Dead remake, which take an already super gory and unpleasant experience to new heights, or lows, depending on your perspective. There’s also a shout out to the lung removal scene in Wolf Creek 2, which was apparently enough to make someone in a screening throw up.

Disturbing content isn’t only reserved for modern offerings, though, and there are plenty of older films that make the cut, including Peter Jackson’s notorious Dead Alive, otherwise known as Braindead, which throws everything to the wall when it comes to over-the-top special effects and zombie babies. A sadomasochistic sequence in 1976’s Bloodsucking Freaks also gets a mention for making a user queasy.

Evil Dead

To this group, I would certainly add the finger eating scene from Raw, just one of many queasy moments in the movie, or some choice scenes from the many titles that Netflix subscribers apparently switch away from without completing. Other flicks on the rundown include deliberately provocative pictures such as The Human Centipede 2 and Cabin Fever, which contain plenty of sequences to test your nerve.

Altogether, the list is a fairly comprehensive batch of horror and other genre films and scenes that have made, in some cases, people physically ill. Whether that’s your sort of thing is another question, though, and really depends on what your tolerance is to different kinds of gore and extreme content in general.