Nato And Remy’s Last Stand: Horror’s Most Memorable Babies! D’awwww…


Child birth is one of life’s beautiful miracles (depending on who you ask), as the female body houses, nurtures, and creates a human life all through mystical biological magic – with some help from a male counterpart. Hey, someone has to plant the seed, ladies! Essentially, it’s like men are gardeners whose only job is to come in and drop a few seeds into the soil, working for one night (sure ladies, go ahead and insert a joke here about how long your man lasts), but then a female gardener replaces the male and tends to the field for the next nine months. Ladies, you have my undying respect for the amazing feats you’re able to accomplish, because I can’t even manage living my life with the tiniest stomach ache – let alone the feeling of having another life growing inside me.

Alright, so to be a little less creepy now, this week’s article was sparked by the new horror release Devil’s Due, which is a “found footage” horror flick about birthing a demonic baby (maybe Satan’s spawn himself?). It’s one thing to utilize children in horror films, much like The Omen or Come Out And Play do, but to transform a baby, the one example of all that is bright, jovial, simplistic, and pure in the world, and make said baby a horrifying, atrocious monster – you have an instant recipe for nightmares.

In keeping with the whole “evil horror babies” theme, Remy and I decided to look back on the horror genre and discuss our favorite, well, “evil horror babies.” Some are zombies, some are demons – hell, some are even human! That’s the power of the horror genre, taking those things that should represent happiness, and turning those smile-producing normalities into all that is unholy. Don’t get me wrong, I’m in no way suggesting we should all act like Kyle Broflovski and “kick the baby,” but if you were ever to kick any baby, it’d probably be one of these little buggers.

Read on to uncover the most memorable bundles of terror horror ever birthed!