Horror Fans Share The Most Disturbing Films They’ve Ever Seen

There are some scary movies that you can come back to over and over again and never get sick of. Others you can watch every once in a while, but that still leave you a little unnerved at the end, and then there are movies that are so terrifying that once is more than enough.

For horror buffs, it takes something quite harrowing to cross the line between enjoying repeat viewings and outright avoidance, but it happens. There are many reasons people might only want to see a movie once; from triggering content to pure fear, some are just too painful to see again. Other films produce physical reactions that fans might not want to experience again.

Whatever the cause, it can be interpreted as positive and negative in equal measure if a movie can only be viewed once, and one fan of the genre on Reddit wants to know which films their peers deem too disturbing to ever watch again.

The responses brought up some of those absolutely spine-chilling feelings for fans as they scrolled through a list of the most disturbing horror films fans have ever seen.

We have to agree with that one; it was almost impossible to sit through it.

Many other horror fans felt the same way about the movie — echoing the idea that there were worse movies out there but that there’s just something about this one that presses the limit for many viewers.

This viewer said it might sound “corny,” but that Evil Dead was disturbing, especially for a specific scene.

This film had responses that said the movie made them physically ill — you may want to proceed with caution if you’ve not seen it yet.

Mother! is another movie that just stresses fans out.

Martyrs is one of those movies for this fan and many others who agreed with that title; they also shared that The Nightingale, Come and See, and Begotten were also on their list.

This fan felt that Slaughtered Vomit Dolls was creepy, especially once they found out more about the writer and director of the film.

While the thread specifically suggests that they recommend not watching the films they shared, many fans already fell into those traps and viewed them. If you haven’t seen the movies listed, you might be better off for it, but if you’re tempted to tune in after that list — heed the warnings.