Sid Haig Fans Furious That He Was Left Out Of Oscars’ In Memoriam


The In Memoriam section of the Academy Awards is an annual acknowledgement of industry figures who died in the previous year. This year’s rundown, however, has people talking for its high number of glaring omissions. Audiences picked up on several prominent names left off the reel, such as Luke Perry, Cameron Boyce and Jan-Michael Vincent, and one oversight that has genre fans particularly incensed was that of Sid Haig.

Haig, who sadly passed away in September, may not be a name that every film fan can immediately place, but he’s highly regarded among the genre community for a career that spanned sixty years and is approaching 150 separate credits. And his exclusion, whether by intent or oversight, is being taken as a further example of the horror genre being treated with disdain by those who make ‘proper’ and ‘true’ cinema.

Of course, hundreds of people involved in the film industry die each year, some tragically, most naturally, and to feature every single one of them would be impractical. That said, the number of people who were left out this time is certainly indicative of something having gone wrong in how the list was compiled. Often, many people featured will be unfamiliar to contemporary audiences, but even that isn’t an excuse, what with Haig’s increased presence in recent years with his role as Captain Spaulding in Rob Zombie’s saga of the murderous Firefly clan: House of 1000 Corpses and The Devil’s Rejects, and to a reduced extent 3 From Hell.

Despite his passing, there are still two further movies he completed before his death that’ll be released posthumously this year, the Jewish-focused slasher flick Hanukkah and horror Abruptio, meaning Sid Haig will still be remembered by the people who were actually invested in his career, even if mainstream Hollywood wasn’t.