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Host Director Bringing Stephen King’s The Boogeyman To Hulu

The director of acclaimed horror movie Host is bringing Stephen King short story The Boogeyman to Hulu as a feature film.


As determined by no less an authority than science itself, Rob Savage’s Host is the single scariest movie ever made, which is about as solid a recommendation as you could hope to give an up-and-coming filmmaker.

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Even if you disagree with that sentiment, his pandemic-inspired Zoom horror holds a perfect Rotten Tomatoes score of 100% with 92 reviews in the bag, so it’s clearly a very good film. The prospect of him partnering up with one of the genre’s biggest icons is an enticing prospect, and very good news for Hulu subscribers.

Stephen King

As per Deadline, Savage is adapting Stephen King’s short story The Boogeyman into a feature film, with Savage writing and directing. Even before the filmmaker came on board, the project has some serious horror pedigree after early drafts of the script passed through the hands of Malignant’s Akela Cooper, Black Swan’s Mark Heyman and A Quiet Place duo Scott Beck and Bryan Woods.

First published in 1978, Hulu’s The Boogeyman finds a family reeling from the tragic death of their mother, where a teenage girl and her kid brother find themselves terrorized by the titular creature in their home, as they struggle to convince their father that what’s happening to them is real. The director of Host making a Stephen King movie? Yep, we’re all-in on this one.