How The Ancient One May Prove Instrumental During Avengers 4


You don’t have to search too far to find the hot new MCU theory involving Avengers 4.

As one of (if not the) most anticipated blockbusters of 2019, Joe and Anthony Russo’s star-studded epic has already generated a metric ton of buzznine months before its theatrical release. That’s resulted in a wave of speculation surrounding Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, as rampant fans attempt to figure out what’s in store before May 3rd, 2019.

One such MCU advocate is Redditor ‘bluecoloredlenses’, who’s presented a new theory which suggests the Ancient One may have a role to play in Avengers 4. He/she supposes that Tilda Swinton’s magical mentor already encountered Nick Fury long before the Avengers were formed, and knew that he would one day be crucial in the fight to save Earth from alien invaders – namely Thanos and his nefarious Black Order.

When he arrives the Ancient One welcomes him because she has looked to the future and knew he was coming and not as a student, but as a key piece in saving the world one day. This is just like how she later told Strange he needed Mordo’s help to defeat Dormammu, which led him to victory. When Fury arrives she tells him that the person he trusted (or will trust) that caused him to lose an eye will one day be the one to save Earth, and that he must have a means to contact her at the last moment before his own death.

This theory makes note of the fact that neither Doctor Strange nor the Ancient One are able to see past their own deaths, leading to the moment when Swinton’s sorcerer tells Stephen Strange that he has “such capacity for good.”

From here, things get a little tricky; the theory then supposes that the Ancient One “actually saw in the future that she couldn’t tell him the outcome back then, she saw he had to actually look through all of them himself at that time to ultimately see what happened in her past, to effect Fury’s future.”

Still with us? This slice of mind-bending conjecture ends by highlighting how this may affect Avengers 4 when it soars into theaters in nine months’ time.

Jump all the way forward to Strange looking through possibilities, he sees all of these outcomes and in one of them he sees this exact sequence. He likely sees Tony going back in time and meeting with Fury, who tells him the prophecy. Possibly Tony then fighting and killing the Avengers like in his vision. Etc. However, this is the one outcome he sees, the one outcome is the path the Ancient One put him on that allows Fury to click the button.

Overall, the theory certainly presents a few interesting points, and as always, you can leave us with your own thoughts on it down in the comments section below.