The Avengers Stood A Better Chance Of Beating Thanos Than Winning The Powerball


At 14,000,605/1, few expected Earth’s Mightiest Heroes to stand much of a chance against Thanos.

Per Doctor Strange’s gloomy prediction, our heroes needed something truly special if they were to emerge victorious, and we’ll have to wait until Avengers 4 arrives next year before we have a tangible and (hopefully) satisfying answer to the Infinity War cliffhanger.

Until that day arrives, though, budding fans continue to pore over every inch of Joe and Anthony Russo’s ensemble piece in the search for story clues, continuity errors, and possible Easter eggs and callbacks to MCU past. This latest tidbit is not so much an Easter egg as a well-thought-out observation though, and it comes to us by way of CinemaSins, the popular (and somewhat contentious) YouTube channel famed for its in-depth breakdowns of major Hollywood films.

Its crunched the numbers to reveal that, based on Strange’s prophecy, Earth’s Mightiest Heroes faced a better chance against Thanos than winning the Powerball Jackpot in North America, which typically equates to around 292M to one.

Via Twitter:

It’s a random, but no less entertaining statistic to take out of Avengers: Infinity War, which spent much of its runtime reminding viewers that Thanos is the unstoppable force ready and willing to jump-start the apocalypse.

To do so, he requires the near-limitless energy from those six Infinity Stones, which each contain some construct of existence – so the Time Stone, for instance, allows its owner to see the future (up until the point of their own death) and manipulate the past. And that’s just one stone out of six, so it’s fair to say our heroes still face an uphill struggle if they’re to win the ultimate battle of Avengers 4.

But as a wise old space smuggler once said, sometimes it’s best not to sweat over the odds.