How ‘Uncharted’ sets up potential sequels with its post-credits scene

remix by Keane Eacobellis

Warning: The following article contains spoilers for Uncharted and its ending.

Much in a manner similar to the video games, the Uncharted film incorporates a post-credits scene that hints at Nathan Drake’s next adventure in live-action.

The movie adaptation, starring Tom Holland as the charismatic protagonist, is finally opening in theaters today. Though the film has received mixed reviews from critics, fan reception has been generally more welcoming of this live-action attempt by director Ruben Fleischer.

And so, despite a lackluster critical consensus, if the movie manages to top box office charts in the following weeks, the odds of a sequel will increase exponentially. It also helps that the movie features a post-credits scene that literally sets up the narrative of a potential follow-up installment.

Spoilers to follow.

During one of these final scenes, we see a man sitting in a prison and writing a letter. The man’s face is obscured, but the film hints that this is Sam Drake, Nathan’s brother, whom he thinks is dead. Not only does Uncharted reveal that Sam is alive, much like his video game story arc, but he’s also trying to warn Nate through the letter.

The post-credits scene, meanwhile, involves something we’ve already seen during the film’s promotional campaign. In it, a mustached Sally barges into the room holding a handgun. We then see Nathan sitting next to a man called Gage, trying to sell his ring to him in exchange for a “Nazi map.” Gage, on the other hand, wants the ring for his employer, someone named Roman.

Fans believe this to be hinting at Gabriel Roman, who is the main antagonistic figure from the first Uncharted game, Drake’s Fortune.

The crew of Uncharted have made it perfectly clear that the film is a prequel to the game series, and with the post-credits scene hinting at a villain from the first game, it’s a safe bet that if and when a sequel gets greenlit, the story will adapt Drake’s Fortune.

Where Nate’s brother Sam from Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End comes into play here is anyone’s guess, though the film is heavily implying that we’ll see his debut in live-action sooner than the games’ narrative.