Hugh Jackman can’t wait to ‘punch the sh*t out of Ryan Reynolds every day’ on ‘Deadpool 3’

ryan reynolds hugh jackman deadpool 3
via Ryan Reynolds/YouTube

The never-ending battle between Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman has been raging for well over a decade, and we can’t wait to see it finally brought to the screen under the most fitting of circumstances in Deadpool 3.

As close as the duo may be away from the bright lights of social media, it looked for a long time as though we’d never see them standing side-by-side in a comic book blockbuster after the disastrous X-Men Origins: Wolverine, which would have been an awful way for their shared superhero history to pan out.

Thankfully, Disney purchasing 20th Century Fox kicked off a chain of events that’s led to the mutton-chopped mutant and the Merc with a Mouth sharing top billing in the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s very first R-rated installment, and fans are already desperate to discover what’s in store.

Jackman may have been stating the obvious during an interview with The Guardian, but it’s nonetheless exciting to hear him voice his enthusiasm for taking his frustrations out on the leading man and producer.

“I wasn’t tortured by it. When people would ask me [to reprise the role] – including Ryan, every five seconds – I was like: I’m done. I just wanted to do it and I felt it in my gut. Plus, I get to punch the shit out of Ryan Reynolds every day.”

The only downside is that Deadpool 3 (or Wolverine & Deadpool if Jackman’s slip of the tongue was legit) isn’t coming to theaters until November 2024, so there’s a long way to go until we get to see the hilarious twosome tearing it up in the MCU.