Patrick Stewart Says Hugh Jackman’s Done Playing Wolverine


Hugh Jackman will never play Wolverine again. Or so says Patrick Stewart, who recently revealed that he won’t return to the X-Men franchise either and stated that the only seat he plans to be sitting in is from the bridge of his new show, Star Trek: Picard.

While promoting the aforementioned series, Stewart spoke candidly about the MCU and he and Jackman’s place in it. He revealed that he recently had “long, long conversations” with Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige about “moves and suggestions” going forward, but doesn’t expect to return to the role of Professor X.

That’s certainly a shame, too, as Disney recently acquired Fox, which owns the X-Men franchise and it can now be utilized within the MCU. But it’s too little too late for fans to see both Jackman and Stewart appearing in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Why? Well, because they ended things on a perfect note.

“Here’s the problem… If we had not made Logan, then yes, I would probably be ready to get into that wheelchair one more time and be Charlies Xavier. But Logan changed all that.”

“[Hugh and I] were moved by the story. We were moved by one another. We were moved by the movie. But we also both made the decision that we were saying goodbye to our characters as well. In that sense, it was not just the deaths of those two men in the franchise, but it was also goodbye to our part in them as well.”

He’s right about that. Logan was the perfect sendoff, particularly for Jackman whose 17 years as Wolverine was the longest turn for any actor with one superhero character. Despite the seemingly perfect conclusion for Hugh in the titular role however, Marvel’s more than willing to bring him back. A Wolverine vs. Hulk movie has long been rumored, with the actor even expressing interest in it. Not to mention that best bud Ryan Reynolds has also teased a Deadpool crossover.

The adamantium claws are still Jackman’s if he wants them then, despite reports of recast rumors ranging from Keanu Reeves to Daniel Radcliffe. Logan was like Elway walking off into the sunset with two Super Bowls, though. It’s a perfect ending.

Having said that, who doesn’t want to see Wolverine fight Hulk? The answer is no one. Who doesn’t want to see him match quips with Deadpool? You know the answer. I doubt Jackman will come back, but fans can always dream, right?