Marvel Rumored To Be Developing A Wolverine Vs. Hulk Movie

Wolverine vs. Hulk

The Hulk is something of a mystery right now in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. After the events of Avengers: Endgame, there’s no clear path forward for the Green Goliath, as his arc, and apparent destiny, came full circle within the confines of that film.

But fans know this isn’t the end for the character in the shared universe, as Mark Ruffalo has, more than once, discussed his willingness to continue in the role. Those in the know at Marvel Studios are remaining tight-lipped though about what’s going to happen with him.

Now, chances are that Bruce Banner and his angry alter-ego will have some sort of part to play in the upcoming Disney Plus series She-Hulk. This idea’s given more weight when you consider the fact that Ruffalo took to social media to welcome his fellow Gamma-powered hero into the fold.

However, even if this proves to be true, the story would focus more on Jennifer Walters’ transformation into the character, and Hulk/Banner would likely only cameo so as not to steal the spotlight. Moreover, though Ruffalo’s overall performance has been lauded, many were left disappointed by the so-called “Professor Hulk” that was present in Endgame and are looking for a palate cleanser of sorts. And so, the question remains, what exactly’s next for the Hulkster on the big screen?

While there are several rumors swirling, there’s one in particular that’s been gaining steam. It’s being suggested that the next proper film to feature the character will focus on the iconic Wolverine vs. Hulk storyline from the comics. And while this is firmly still in the realm of speculation, it makes a lot of logistical sense.

For starters, this is, perhaps, the most epic showdown in Marvel Comics history, having been retold numerous times throughout the years, most recently in the pages of Immortal Hulk. Utilizing this story will not only provide the level of fan service that audiences have become accustomed to, but will also introduce the most popular X-Man, Wolverine, in a way that’s unique and not seen in the previous iteration of the famed mutant.

Perhaps more importantly, though, it provides a narrative reason for the MCU to abandon “Professor Hulk.” If there’s anyone who can make Bruce blow his top and become the mean, green, smashing machine again, it’s Logan.

Again, none of this has been confirmed yet and is just a rumor for now, but if it does come to pass, it’s going to be a while before it happens. Still, of all the ways the Hulk could pop up again in the MCU, this is by far the most exciting.