Hugh Jackman Shares Charming Christmas Message With His Fans


It’s Christmas Day, and Hugh Jackman has a very special message for you. Well, you and his millions of adoring fans.

The Wolverine star has taken to Twitter this week to post a season’s greetings to his followers in the form of a short video (seen below) in which he celebrates what’s technically a white Christmas. Sure, the ground isn’t blanketed in rolls of white snow, but the light dusting on the lawn’s enough to qualify as ‘snow’ in my book, so I’m going to have to give him the benefit of the doubt on this one.

See for yourself:

This message comes after a superhero-free year for the actor. After all, he said farewell to the claws back in 2017’s Logan and despite much ribbing from Ryan Reynolds (and a few others), he appears to be sticking to his decision to wave goodbye to the role in his own way. Of course, there are still those who’d love to see him reprise as Wolvie in Marvel Studios’ take on the X-Men, but I think it’s going to be tough to top Logan and personally, I’d love to see a version of the character that’s entirely original in the MCU. But that’s just me.

Regardless, looking forward, 2019 could be a pretty big year for Hugh JackmanThe Front Runner has many tipping him for a Best Actor nod at the Oscars and he’ll turn up in both The Missing Link and Bad Education as well. In the meantime, I hope Hugh (and all of you) has a very relaxing, calm and convivial Christmas holiday.