Hugh Jackman Calls Out Ryan Reynolds For Ignoring Deadpool Crossover Challenge


The friendly rivalry between Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds shows no sign of letting up, with the Logan star taking to Twitter once again to respond to the Deadpool actor’s latest troll.

With so much history between these two frenemies, it’s practically impossible to summarize all the relevant context to Jackman’s new tweet, but essentially, you can trace this exchange back to a social media comment from the Australian star that “The obsession is real,” referring to Reynolds’ continuous hounding of Jackman to reprise his role as Wolverine for a Deadpool team-up. Reynolds, however, chose to take his statement a different way, responding:

“It’s true. I’ll never forget how much I mean to you.”

To this, Jackman offered a reply that references a certain challenge that he previously set for Reynolds in an interview with ET:

“While I look for my violin … perhaps you’d like to answer my challenge?!”

To elaborate a little, Reynolds has been pushing for a guest spot in Jackman’s new stage show, pledging to perform opposite his old X-Men Origins: Wolverine co-star while in character as Deadpool. Jackman’s “challenge” for Reynolds was that he audition for the role in order to prove he has the singing and dancing talent to feature in his show.

It’s certainly a long shot, but should Reynolds somehow make this stage appearance happen, then fans would probably see it as the next best thing to a movie crossover between Wolverine and Deadpool. At the same time, Reynolds has previously suggested that Jackman could play himself in the upcoming X-Force movie, which wouldn’t be a bad consolation prize in itself.

In any case, it certainly looks like Jackman has little regret about leaving his Wolverine role in the past, though you can bet Reynolds will keep trying to get him back in the game, and it’s evident that a lot of fans are wishing him the best of luck.