Hugh Jackman Set To Make A Huge Announcement This Thursday


With last year’s Logan, Hugh Jackman finally hung up the claws, bringing his decade-spanning run as Wolverine to an end. But for the wider X-Men franchise, the true end-of-an-era moment may still be to come, as Marvel Studios is set to take over the property following Disney and Fox’s historic deal.

Naturally, the mutant saga will be handled by producer Kevin Feige, who’s the one most responsible for making the MCU into the pop culture juggernaut it is today. Before all that though, Feige actually worked with Jackman as associate producer on the original 2000 X-Men, and fans have been speculating that perhaps he could be the one to coax the actor back into donning the claws one last time once Marvel gets their hands on the mutants.

Frankly, it’d be tough to see that happening, especially since Jackman has continuously ruled out a return, but now we have reason to believe that maybe, just maybe, something’s in the works. And it comes to us from Hugh himself, who took to Twitter to tease a huge announcement that he’ll be making this Thursday on The Today Show. Of course, he wouldn’t say what it is, but as you can imagine, speculation has already gone into overdrive.

Obviously, a lot of folks are jumping to conclusions that he’s about to announce a return to the role of Wolverine, and while we wouldn’t completely rule that out just yet, there are certainly a few other options. For one, Jackman said the other week that he’d be open to playing another superhero, so perhaps it’s related to that? Or, maybe it’s a sequel to The Greatest Showman? Or it might not even be about a movie at all and could be some personal project that he’s working on.

Really, it’s hard to say right now, but you can bet that all eyes will be on The Today Show this Thursday to see if Hugh Jackman‘s about to make millions of dreams come true by announcing that he’ll do one more film as Wolverine.