Hugh Jackman teases we’ll be seeing a brand new side of Wolverine in ‘Deadpool 3’

hugh jackman wolverine
via 20th Century Fox

In a somewhat ironic twist, Hugh Jackman‘s Logan didn’t undergo all that drastic of an evolution during his lenghty stint as 20th Century Fox’s Wolverine, at least until the swansong standalone movie featuring his name.

That’s not to say the character ever ended up in danger of becoming stale, but you generally knew what to expect when the mutton-chopped mutant was onscreen. There would be a handful of sardonic one-liners, the obligatory shirtless scene, a rage-fueled action sequence or two, and the charismatic world-weariness that comes with spending over a century fighting for survival.

However, that could all be set to change in a major way when the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Deadpool 3 arrives, with Jackman sidling up alongside Ryan Reynolds’ Wade Wilson for what’s sure to be a fun-filled odd couple adventure full of bickering and banter. Speaking to Chris Wallace (via People), the veteran superhero star admitted we’ll be seeing a brand new side of the iconic favorite.

“When I keep thinking of me and Ryan, of Deadpool and Wolverine, which are classic comic-book rivals, there’s also a dynamic that I’ve never really got to do before as Wolverine. I just thought, ‘This is gonna be fun. Something I’ve never done before. I can’t wait.’ “

Just when you thought Jackman had seen it all, done it all, and gotten various commemorative t-shirts to celebrate that fact, along comes Reynolds with an offer that was too good to turn down. Deadpool 3 was already one of the MCU’s most-anticipated upcoming releases, but Wolverine’s presence instantly shot the hype levels into the stratosphere.