Humans And Orcs Come Together In Latest Batch Of Warcraft: The Beginning Character Posters

Perhaps more so than any other video game adaptation before it, Duncan Jones’ Warcraft: The Beginning is inviting moviegoers into an intricate fantasy universe – one that boasts a diverse population and sprawling history to match.

But in its meandering path to the big screen, the folks at Legendary Pictures have utilized trailer clips and featurettes in order to educate those who aren’t as familiar with the world of Azeroth as old-school WoW fans. And today’s fresh batch of character posters keep that fire burning by introducing the film’s leading players.


Located in the gallery above, you’ll find a total of eight character posters spotlighting humans and orcs alike, including Travis Fimmel (Lothar), Paula Patton (Garona), Ruth Negga (Lady Taria), Clancy Brown (Blackhand), Dominic Cooper (King Llane), Toby Kebbell (Durotan), Rob Kazinsky (Orgrim) and Daniel Wu (Gul’dan).

Though they’ve been divided for generations, Warcraft: The Beginning brings together both races in epic fashion. Fimmel’s decorated knight Lothar headlines the Alliance, whereas Toby Kebbell plays Durotan, a strong-willed and core member of the exiled Frostwolf Clan who is simply fighting for the safety of his family. Such a taut union threatens a full-scale war across the fantastical plains of Azeroth, though Jones’ feature will need more than a string of character posters to educate the laymen on the film’s politics and, ultimately, why the Alliance and the Horde are fighting in the first place.

Warcraft: The Beginning lumbers onto the big screen in time for June 10. Those in the UK, however, will be able to catch Duncan Jones’ CG-laden blockbuster two weeks early on May 30.