The Hunger Games Star Wes Bentley Films Scenes For Terrence Malick

The Hunger Games star Wes Bentley has been spotted shooting scenes with Christian Bale for Terrence Malick‘s new films.

At this point it is unclear whether the scenes are for the once titled Lawless or Knight Of Cups, but with all the footage that’s been shot so far rumoured to be for Lawless, I think it’s a safe bet that that will be the film that Bentley appears in.

As we know, Malick is known for leaving actors out of films due to excess footage having been shot, so at this point there is no way to know if Bentley will end up in the final cut of either of Malick’s upcoming films, but at least he stands a chance. I’ve always been a fan of Bentley’s work and I think he would fit nicely into a Terrence Malick movie

The pictures from feature Bale, with longer hair than in earlier set photos from the film, along with Bentley on a Santa Monica beach. Judging by the pictures below, I’d like to guess that Bentley and Bale may be playing brothers. It certainly looks like it from the photos. Who knows though, that’s just my best guess.

Knight Of Cups and Lawless begin official photography in July and September respectively. We will being you more news on the films as it arises.

Check out the photos of Bale and Bentley filming below.