Fresh New Photo From The Hunger Games

A new image of The Hunger Games has been released. Fans have been on their toes as of late, wishing and waiting for the next piece of promo material to drop, and now they have one more image to add to their collection.

The image shows an apprehensive Katniss (Jennifer Lawrence) sitting on a couch alongside Haymitch (Woody Harrelson) and Effie (Elizabeth Banks). The three appear to be intensely focused on something, likely a television set.

Haymitch looks completely relaxed – half sitting and half laying down – as he enjoys what can only be presumed as something that falls into the “straight up” category. His outfit suggests some formality to the occasion but of course, drinking for him seems like it always presents itself as an occasion.

As for Effie, she is sporting an outfit that it straight off a runway complete with over-the-top accessories and a make up job that you can probably see from outer space. She also looks increasingly uncomfortable and tense. What could they be watching?

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