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If DC needs help rebooting Superman, Seth Rogen of all people has an excellent idea

Who knew he'd have such great pitches for the Man of Steel?

seth rogen superman
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Despite being one of the most iconic figures in all of popular culture, Superman‘s cinematic history hasn’t exactly made for stellar reading. We’re not just talking about the DCEU either, with the Big Blue Boy Scout having struggled to make an impact in theaters for a whopping 35 years and counting.

Christopher Reeve’s swansong in 1987’s The Quest for Peace was an utter shambles that’s deservedly still labeled as one of the worst superhero movies ever made. Kal-El was then absent from our screens for almost two decades until Bryan Singer’s Superman Returns landed in 2006 – which failed to perform to expectations at the box office and ended any hope of sequels.

Fast forward another seven years to Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel, which launched an entire cinematic universe without being given the green light for a second installment. In between, star Henry Cavill appeared in the widely-panned Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and the horrendous theatrical edition of Justice League, but it looks as though plans may finally be afoot for a rejuvenation.

Warner Bros. have struggled for a long time to get Superman right, and a great idea has now emerged from the most unlikely of sources: Seth Rogen’s Twitter account.

Talk of a Man of Steel follow-up has gathered steam over the last few days, buoyed by Cavill’s post-credits cameo in Black Adam. That’s not the only Superman project in the works, though, with J.J. Abrams’ reboot and Michael B. Jordan’s streaming series yet to be officially canned by Warner Bros. Discovery, although nobody would be surprised if they were.

Whether there’s one, two, three, or more outings for the Kryptonian to come in various guises, taking Rogen’s advice on board isn’t the worst suggestion we’ve ever heard.

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