New Image From Man Of Steel

A new image from the set of Zac Snyder‘s Man of Steel has been released.

The image shows a lumber truck impaled by its own contents. If this still is any indication, the newest venture in the Superman franchise is guaranteed to have some serious shock and awe stunts, and judging by that cloud of smoke, it’ll be full of explosions.

If this is what the aftermath of a meeting with Superman (Henry Cavill) looks like I can’t wait for the fight scenes in the film.

When it comes to supernatural characters, there is no doubt some destruction and mayhem in the cards, even with Superman on the case. With this picture, it looks like Snyder opted for the real thing, creating some of destruction in live and living color, instead of relying on digital means for cool effects. Though I’m sure the film will be full of computerized mayhem, at least some of the destruction will be real.