IMAX Poster For Logan Paints James Mangold’s Thriller As An Old-School Western


Ever since The Wolverine 3 shed its tentative moniker to become Logan, writer-director James Mangold has consistently compared his R-rated actioner to a Western movie – the bleak, apocalyptic vistas, a wandering hero who reluctantly agrees to fight the good fight – and today, the film’s IMAX poster has arrived to drive home the point.

Indeed, when 20th Century Fox held early screenings of Logan back in December – screenings that garnered close to unanimous praise for Mangold and, in particular, Dafne Keen’s breakout performance as X-23 – the filmmaker pinpointed 1953 Western Shane as creative inspiration for Wolverine’s swan song. This, coupled with the handling of Hugh Jackman’s world-weary mutant, lends credence to the argument that James Mangold and Co. are cooking up a superhero movie that is decidedly different from its genre peers, and we can hardly wait to see Wolvie’s last stand play out in full in a few weeks’ time.

With a March 3rd release date looming on the sun-kissed horizon, Fox’s marketing machine has been firing on all cylinders in recent weeks, churning out one promo after another to ensure excitement remains at a fever-pitch. All of this attention has seemingly revealed some hidden secrets about Logan, too, including the film’s alleged runtime (spoilers: it’s 135 minutes) along with a rumor claiming Hugh Jackman’s anti-hero – who, by 2029, is fast approaching the end of his tether – will don Wolverine’s iconic yellow suit. One last time? One last time.

Logan slices and dices its way into theaters on March 3rd. It’ll square off against The Shack, Table 19 and teen time-travel drama Before I Fall for box office glory.

Logan IMAX